Special Programs

Inprint Writing Workshop

Amazing Place has teamed up with the nonprofit, Inprint, to offer a writing class for our participants who have mild to moderate dementia. The innovative class, led by Miah Arnold, award-winning fiction writer with a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from UH, inspires the participants to share their stories and histories through writing.  By writing, reading aloud, and revising their stories and memoirs, these participants have experienced a sense of accomplishment and pride while they have preserved their histories for friends and family. The class has demonstrated that, even with dementia, people have the desire and ability to share their thoughts and feelings and stories with others.

To donate to the unique Amazing Place/Inprint Writing Program, click here and note “Inprint class” in the box that says “Other”.

Excerpts from some of the Spring 2015 class are below. To read the complete Spring 2015 Anthology, please click on this link.

It is for Us

By Gene

I had a very profound and beautiful experience with my grandparents when I was growing up. They were from Sicily, during the war. My brother and I would spend time with them before and after school, and during that time, they would sit down and talk with us about the miracle of their own survival from the war. They were in the middle of all of it. Their Catholic faith was important to them, not so much the rituals of their faith, but their faith allowed them to keep hold of the issues in their life and the places they grew up in. As they would talk about things they would say, “Eugene, this is not just for you, it is for us.” The beauty of sharing the life and death experience of my grandparents was profound.

I Want a Cat

By Sally

The personality of cats agrees with my own, they are independent, and solitary. They have to be sure of your goodwill before intersecting their lives to you. They are attractive to look at and good companions once they're sure of you. They've relatively easy to care for and often long lived. They are testily pleasant, and always enjoy being stroked and cuddling on or near you. Kittens are almost irresistible, but finding homes for a litter can be challenging. They often let you know exactly what they want, and will persist. Soon I'll be going back to Florida. I'm certain that the SPCA will be one of my first stops.


By Gene

Excitedly, I slowly approached the Monarch butterfly as it fluttered erratically.
To my dismay I saw that it had only one working wing.
What beauty and tragedy. I, too, frozen in the moment.
An early death was growing in the hope of life,
A hope that would never fly.

My Dresses, My Coalminers

By Adrienne

I can remember, when I do remember, what it was like as a new person, as a small child. I knew of one small thing about growing up, and it was wearing a dress, which was not a pair of pants. I thought it was something. I remember once we had something going on in my life because I was wearing a dress. However, then thinking of this dress, it must have been for a reason. For something new in my life. I did not own many dresses.

I'm a daughter of a coal miner. Everyone, all were poor, and all people worked very hard, and everyone went to Catholic school. We had only one public school. The nuns did teach all of us children.

When I was very young I had a new dress, and it was really a job to have a dress like that. Whatever reason it was, I did know how important it was to have a dress. I did not get many dresses, so when I wore a dress, I knew something was alright.

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