August 2016

Introducing an inspiring
new book from Amazing Place...

Over the last twenty years at Amazing Place, we have witnessed so many stories of grace and inspiration among the many individuals and families dealing with the difficult challenges of dementia. We are excited to present this new book which tells ten of those stories sharing lessons about:

Forgiveness Gratitude Purpose
Courage Empathy Faith
Audacity Creativity Connection

In this very special place, we have learned firsthand how those with dementia still have much to contribute. In spite of the losses they face, their souls remain intact. Their lives can still have meaning. They can still teach us.

We trust these stories will help you, whether your life has been touched by dementia or not, to remember what truly matters.

Orders placed by September 21st will be $20 per book (after September 21st, $25).

To order, click this link or go to Books can be shipped, picked up at the September 22nd Celebration or at Amazing Place.

Proceeds benefit the emotional and cognitive well-being of Amazing Place participants.

Questions, call or email Nancy Forester at 713.552.0420

$25.00 HARDCOVER 8” X 8”, 72 PAGES, 4-COLOR

Look What They’re Talking About Now...

In the past few years, the Amazing Place Speakers Bureau has made presentations on brain health and dementia to over 1,500 individuals throughout the community—at companies, churches, professional associations and civic groups. As we continue to identify topics of greatest interest, we have added four new presentations this year:

Shining the Light on Early Stage Memory Loss
Sally Davis, RN, MSN, Amazing Place Health Services Director

Communicating with Someone with Dementia
Emile Unverzagt AD/TXC, MA Fitness & Human Performance

The Importance of Reducing Sugar for the Brain
Susan Giles, Amazing Place Community and Church Liaison

Spirituality and Aging
Susan Giles, Amazing Place Community and Church Liaison

These popular past presentations are also offered:

The Keys to Healthy Aging
Worried about Your Memory? It May Not Be Dementia!
Food for Thought-How the MPN™ Program Benefits Your Brain

For more information or to arrange a presentation for your group (or at Amazing Place for groups up to 20), contact Susan Giles, Amazing Place Community and Church Liaison at 713.552.0420 or

(L to R) Susan Giles, Emile Unverzagt, Sally Davis


Amazing Place, in collaboration with the Alzheimer's Association, is excited to announce the introduction of The Memory Café, a place for caregivers and those with early stage dementia to go together on Saturday mornings.

Every second Saturday of the month, starting October 8th, from 10am-12 pm, both caregivers and those in the early stages of dementia can meet others for casual conversations, activities and coffee.

Research has shown the benefits of stimulation and socialization for those in the early stages of dementia. In addition, caregivers benefit from seeing they are not alone.

Based on a program developed in the UK and subsequently launched in Minnesota, The Memory Café at Amazing Place will be run by Emile Unverzagt, AD/TXC, MA, Amazing Place Participant Program Director, and volunteers trained by the Alzheimer's Association. Amazing Place is located at 3735 Drexel, off Richmond near Weslayan.

No reservations are necessary and the program is free to participants. For more information, contact Emile Unverzagt, at 713.552.0420 or

AP’s Memory Preservation Nutrition® (MPN™) Program Featured on Maria Shriver’s Website

For close to the last three years, Amazing Place has implemented the innovative nutrition program from the Brain Health and Wellness Center out of Massachusetts, MPN™, serving only brain healthy foods. It has been extremely well received by our participants and families and we continue to offer presentations in the community about how to adapt it at home. As the first day program and first facility in the Southwest to utilize it, we are excited that the program continues to receive national recognition, and is featured now on Maria Shriver’s website,, including Labor Day menus. Click here to read more.


To inquire about volunteering as an individual or group, please click below to get contact information.


Amazing Place appreciates any contributions and relies on the generosity of the community. For further questions, please contact Ramsey Howell at (713) 552-0420.


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