July 2016

Brain Healthy Dining at Amazing Place

Tomato, Lentil and Feta Salad
Almond Crusted Trout
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli in Herb Butter
Homemade Focaccia Bread
Orange and Date Cake

No, this is not on the menu at a fine Houston restaurant but a typical lunch at Amazing Place. The diners—Amazing Place participants and staff—will tell you the food is not only delicious, but also brain healthy. For the last three years, each dish at Amazing Place uses recipes that follow guidelines from the Memory Preservation Nutrition® (MPN) Program, a unique evidence-based program designed to help prevent and slow the progression of dementia.

Talented Chef Michael Lieb takes brain healthy to a delectable level. He's even received applause after his meals. Everything is made from scratch, including the bread and desserts. Only fresh vegetables and fruits are used. Fish is bought at a local wholesale market and cooked the next day for maximum freshness. There is no sugar, white flour or unhealthy fats in any of the recipes.

The MPN™ Program can also be adapted to use at home. If your company, church, professional or civic group would like to learn more about the MPN™ Program, its benefits and how you can implement it for your family in our "Food for Thought" presentation, contact Susan Giles, Amazing Place Community and Church Liaison, at 713.552.0420 or sgiles@amazingplacehouston.org.

Chef Michael preparing lunch

A few favorite brain-healthy recipes from Chef Michael:

Chicken and Vegetables with Light Curry Yogurt Sauce

Brown Rice and Date Pilaf

Green Beans with Quinoa

MPN™ Spiced Pumpkin Cookie

Last Call!

for Table Underwriters and Sponsor Couples

Our 20th Anniversary celebration at River Oaks Country Club will feature those who have faced the challenges of dementia in their families, including the Chair, Dan Dinges, President and CEO of Cabot Oil & Gas; Honorees, Mary Lou and Charles Hall; and emcee ABC-13's Melanie Lawson.

There are a few remaining underwriting tables for ten for $10,000 and up and couple sponsorships (two tickets) for $1,250. Individual tickets, if available, will be offered after August 1. To purchase tables or contribute online, visit amazingplacehouston.org. For questions, please contact Ramsey Howell, Development Director, or Allison Anderson, Development Coordinator at 713.552.0420, rhowell@amazingplacehouston.org or aanderson@amazingplacehouston.org.

We are also excited to be releasing our new book at the event, Remembering What Matters: Stories from an Amazing Place that Reveal the Unexpected Lessons of Dementia. The book will sell for $25.00 with all proceeds going to the innovative programming at Amazing Place.

News, Weather and Sports...

Twice a week at Amazing Place, twelve or so male participants gather in the mornings for Men's Coffee Chat. Led by Participant Program Leaders Jose Cuellar and David Mendoza, the group talks about the day's events, the latest sports games and, yes, power tools. Although they come from a wide variety of careers, they all have a common bond at Amazing Place with a diagnosis of dementia. After retiring, many men miss the time they have spent with other men in their jobs. According to Emile Unverzagt, Amazing Place Participant Program Director, "Like other programs at Amazing Place, we developed this casual morning men's group to meet their interests and needs and give them an opportunity to connect with other men."

The group is often led by participants who start the conversation with an article that interested them. They're also planning a late summer fishing trip together. Proof that real men do like to hang out together, no matter what the season of their lives.


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