March 2016

High Marks from Amazing Place Caregivers

"I am sincerely grateful for the positive contributions of the staff and programs of Amazing Place towards my husband's quality of life."
- AP Caregiver

AP Participant Leonard R.

Research continues to show that individuals with dementia benefit from daily structure and engaging in mental, physical and social activities. It’s one of the many reasons why Amazing Place continues to be an invaluable resource for those families who are dealing with dementia.

At Amazing Place, we also conduct our own survey each year with our caregivers, to understand how satisfied they are and how well we are meeting their and their loved one’s needs. Our most recent survey results are in and they show that our caregivers continue to overwhelmingly value what we are doing. An amazing 100% of caregivers say they are better able to maintain their loved one at home as a result of Amazing Place.

"Amazing Place has been a life saver for me."
- AP Caregiver

AP Participant Huguette (c), with caregiver daughter, Michele Stelljes, (l), and
Carol Cooper, AP Care Team Director (r)

Some of the other key highlights:

92% rate Amazing Place overall as "Excellent" and 89% said it "exceeded their expectations".

83% noted their loved ones had less depression (of those where it had been a concern) after going to Amazing Place.

80% of caregivers said they were less stressed because of Amazing Place.

79% of caregivers said they had a better quality of life and 82% said their loved ones had a better quality of life because of Amazing Place.

Caregivers' Overall Rating of Amazing Place
on a Scale of Excellent to Poor(%)* 2015

*No ratings of Satisfactory, Fair or Poor

For more information about Amazing Place or to schedule a tour, contact Carol Cooper at or 713.552.0420.

AP participant Sharon P., with STARS Volunteer Emma Hall


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