September 2015

Participants Share What
They Think of Amazing Place

For the last few years, we’ve surveyed our caregivers and learned how much they value Amazing Place. But, we recognized it was also important to hear directly from our participants—adults with mild to moderate dementia. How do they perceive Amazing Place? What do they like? What would they change? How would they describe it to others?

So this summer we conducted our first participant survey, interviewing 45 participants, nearly 1/2 of our total population. We listened intently as they talked about what Amazing Place means to them. Every single participant gave us glowing reviews, saying they liked Amazing Place "very much". Since they are the ones who can offer the best testimonials about what happens each Monday through Friday at 3735 Drexel, we thought we’d share some of their wholehearted comments.

"The best place in the world. You have to see it for yourself. Until someone comes they won’t believe me."

"This is a place to go to enhance your horizons."

“It’s good to be around others in similar circumstances.”

"It’s a feeling of sanctuary. You can do whatever you want to do."

"I look forward to coming. I guess that’s why they call it Amazing Place. It’s a place to relax; a place to keep you going in your later life."

"I like the way the staff talk to you and let you know they care. They appreciate our concerns and that means a lot to me."

"I love the art. I have never been artistic before but it’s opened me up to do a lot of artistic things."

"It’s a stimulating place for people our age who want to learn new ideas. An opportunity to express ourselves, nice ambience, people you like. Amazing Place is a well-directed program for people our age where they don’t talk down to you. Staff is so respectful."

"You can define what you want to do here. You have the freedom and flexibility with the broad spectrum of activities. They let you try things."

"The food is out of this world."

"They are so kind and inclusive."

"I like Bible study. It’s very rewarding and good for the soul."

"If you like to have fun, if you like the outdoors, if you like to go to places you haven’t been to before, if you like good food, if you like to hang out with others, if you like to learn something new, then you’ll love Amazing Place... It’s magic."

"I’ve had such a beautiful life and now I have the opportunity to come to this beautiful place."


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