If Only I’d Had This Caregiving Book
Maya Hennessey
A guide in developing a network of support to survive the harrowing experience of caregiving

The Journey of Life
Thomas Cole
A cultural history of aging in America

Keeping Busy
James Dowling
A handbook of activities for persons with dementia

Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s
Joanne Koening Coste
Tips from a caregiver

Nurturing Nuggets for Dementia Caregivers
Susan E. Lanza, LNHA
This book offers comfort and reassurance to caregivers

Passages in Care Giving
Gail Sheehy
Turning chaos into confidence

The Positive Interaction Program of Activities
Sylvia Nissenboim, Christine Vroman
92 step-by-step activities

Share my Lonesome Valley
Doug Manning
The slow grief of long term care

Still Alice
Lisa Genova
A poignant portrait on Alzheimer’s; a book you will not forget

Strengthen Your Mind: Activities for People Concerned about early memory loss
Kristin Einberger
Intellectual activities that carepartners can do together

Taking Time for Me
Katherine Kass
How caregivers can effectively deal with stress

The Wellness Book
H. Benson, E. Stuart
The comprehensive guide to maintaining health

What’s wrong with Grandma?
Margaret Shawver
A family’s experience with Alzheimer’s

When love gets Tough: The Nursing Home Decision
Doug Manning
Understanding when a change is needed

Wisdom of our Father
Tim Russert
Lessons and letters from daughters and sons

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