Our Participant Program

We believe that intellectual curiosity, creativity and personal growth outlast memory. We expect our members to thrive, and we design our programs accordingly. The participant programming that makes up our curriculum instills a sense of meaning and purpose. While we challenge each participant at their highest level, we remain failure-free. Our entire program team ensures that a day in the life of each Amazing Place participant is truly compelling.

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Core Curriculum

Cultural Arts & Excursions:
Special on-site performances by leaders in the performing arts, such as the opera and symphony. Cultural excursions include visits to many museums and events.

International Studies:
An individual country is highlighted each month. Participants study the language, economy, wildlife, culture, food, music and art of that country.

Creative Arts:
Watercolor, tempera painting, textural works (sand art, weaving, sculpture), floral arrangement, craftworks, creative writing, group storytelling.

We enjoy monthly visits from trained therapy dogs, the Houston Zoo’s “Animals of Texas” and our Amazing Place mascots.

Recreational Options:
Bridge, Gin Rummy, Dominoes, Risk, Scrabble, Jenga, Uno, Skip-Bo, Community Crossword, Parcheesi and Boggle.

We feature pianists, bands, adult and student choirs, and showcase participant recitals such as piano, guitar, and vocal performances.

Cognitive Stimulation:
Programs stimulate thinking while accommodating for subtle changes in attention, concentration, speed of processing, word finding, comprehension or reasoning. Compensatory strategies are used to adapt programs as needed and ensure participant success. Our Mind Matters program offers specially designed programming for our milder participants.

Participants use hand-held dumbbells, ankle weights and resistance bands to increase their balance, strength and endurance. We also offer stretching, dancing, and Tai Chi.

Sports & Leisure:
Participants enjoy pool, shuffleboard, basketball, badminton, bocce ball, horseshoes, putting, and Wii Fit.

Intergenerational Collaborations:
Participant-student partnerships provide mutual enrichment and opportunities for mentoring. Partnerships include students from St. John’s School, The Rice School and UT School of Nursing.

Spiritual Expression:
A devotional reading opens our lunch hour. Bible study and Church Service are featured programs in our chapel. We honor and study all Holy days recognized by our attending participants.